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Knipex in Australia

German engineering at its best, this family owned and managed company is the leading global specialist in pliers. Since 1882, Knipex has refined and reinvented the humble pliers for various applications to make them easier to use, more comfortable and safer. All KNIPEX tools are manufactured in Germany to ensure the highest quality.


New range of 1000v Tethered Tools -
VDE-tested tools with drop protection system

Dropping hand tools is common even as handles have improved to reduce it. Falling objects is a leading cause of injury on construction sites. The KNIPEX Tethered Tool programme combines the safety and security of tethered tools with the performance you'd expect from market leading brand, KNIPEX. Stocked in Blackwoods Xpress, models of the KNIPEX 1000V tools now come with a safety lug. The lug is welded securely to the inside of the handle that can be attached to the worker’s belt via a tool tether. The tether attachment point is a plastic bracket with a closed wire clamp that is securely welded to the multi-component handle of the tool. Without interfering with the tool’s functionality and user’s comfort, the tether attachment allows the tools to be secured to a lanyard to prevent falling during use with cherry pickers, scaffolding and ladders or industrial climbers with wire rope hoists. The tools are also 1000V VDE insulated to ensure safety when working with live voltage. Handles are additionally tested for heat, cold, tension and impact. Tools are chrome plated to protect against corrosion for outdoor work.

Knipex Tether



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On Blackwoods Xpress, you'll find a range of KNIPEX combination plier sets and linesman pliers as well as the tethered range. Save time by ordering online. With our same day dispatch of KNIPEX products Australia-wide, expect your goods in 1-2 days via express delivery to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.